Abbie Lilley is a designer and curious thinker who is currently based in London. Read more about her practice here.

08:03, 23:43 

Editorial Design

Personal Project


08:03, 23:43 is a published compilation of data taken from a single day. The data was recorded and documented by myself, within the space of the 16 hours I was awake on the 29th January 2019.   

Through various techniques of documentation, I broke down the components of what forms my ‘everyday’ and reconstructed this through a personalised grid format as an act of self-publishing.

The viewer is invited to control how they read the day, enabling them to recognise and reflect upon their own rituals.

Layout & Print Design,
420 x 594 mm Broadsheet,
Staple Bound,
Laser printed onto Polythene paper,

Abbie Lilley 2021 ©