How can acts of publishing help us to navigate the ever-changing speed of modern life?

Editorial Design & Curation

Personal Project


Responding to my creative process, my dissertation can be broken down into chapters that mimic my creative process. The steps I follow as a practitioner also reflect several aspects that form the basis of publishing information. Beginning with ideation, applying systematics, then content collation, considering format, and how this will affect the final output. Finally, ensuring I study the impact my work has on its audience. Following these steps, I designed my dissertation to reflect each stage.

Inspired by the idea that “the editor of the printed material is the curator” (Ludovico, A.), I decided to ‘curate’ my final report.  Printed on single sheets, the essay can be read page-by-page or when curated across a wall. I utilised two-tones throughout to differentiate my practice from my references used in the piece. Blue is reflective of my practice, and green highlights the references used throughout the essay.

The report can be read as a publication, curated across a space, or for each page to be activated differently. Each segment feeds into the other- exploring how the question exists within my practice, and how my practice situates itself in response to the question.

Layout & Print Design,
Printed on A6, A5 & B5 sheets,
Elastic Bound,


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