Curious Thinker & Designer.

︎︎︎ 1/2 of Nearly, a design studio.
︎︎︎ Currently based in London at Alex Hunting Studio.

Abbie Lilley


Acts of Publishing
Critical Report, Editorial Design
[ 01 - 07 - 2020 ] 

Client:    Self Initiated
Team:      Independent
Location: London

How can acts of publishing help us to navigate the ever-changing speed of modern life?

Responding to my creative process, my dissertation can be broken down into chapters that mimic my design methodologies. Printed on single sheets, the essay can be read page-by-page or when curated across a wall. Two-tones have been utilised throughout to differentiate my practice from my references.

The report can be read as a publication, curated across a space, or for each page to be activated differently. Each segment feeds into the other- exploring how the question exists within my practice, and how my practice situates itself in response to the question.