Central Saint Martins Degree Show Identity 

I worked in collaboration with Edie Kueh, Rosie Stephenson & Olivia Moss to generate an identity and several pitches for the Central Saint Martins Degree Show’s 2020. 

Branding & Identity Design,
Exhibition Design,
Animation, AR, 
Our identity we generated for the Central Saint Martins Degree Show’s this year were based under the concept of ‘CSM Zoom’. We were the runner’s up. Utilising the university’s new typeface ‘CSM Shifts’, a variable font based upon the past present and future of Saint Martins, this influenced our concept behind the identity. 
    We developed an adaptive identity based upon the user experience. Using an interchangable grid which begun at 8x8 then simplified down to zero. The designs viewed would depend on the position of the viewer, in both time and distance to each show. 
    A colour system was applied where one colour would carry onto the next show to keep a sense of consistency whilst adapting dependant on the work on show. We proposed designs for the Foundation Show, Art Degree Show and Design Degree Shows.

Abbie Lilley 2020 ©