Abbie Lilley is a designer and curious thinker who is currently based in London. Read more about her practice here.

Le Salon

Experience Design & Identity

Personal Project


Le Salon is a new dining experience, reimagining the traditional values of a ‘Dinner Party’. In a digital world where creatives are overloaded and overworked, Le Salon invites its guests to take a step back from technology and embrace the company surrounding them.

Le Salon is an adaptive identity that takes its form from the mess created and archived during the performance of the dinner party, and repurposes it back into the design. All of which is evident throughout the tablecloths, napkins and placemats used within the event.

Designed to encourage young creatives to find the time to focus on the conversations being formed round the table rather than the accidents made, the dinner party begins to take form as a performance, for all to enjoy.

Adaptive Identity,
Branding & Print Design,
Bespoke Screenprinted Napkins,
Tablecloths & Letterpress Placemats.
Living Archive,

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