Abbie Lilley is a designer and curious thinker who is currently based in London. Read more about her practice here.

Some-thing to show  

Editorial Design & Infographics

Personal Project


Some—thing to show is an experimental publication focusing around the idea of consumerism within the everyday.

Targeting my own expenditure’s, I curated the data collected from a series of bank statements and receipts and transformed this into ‘Some—thing to show’ for the money spent.
The piece was created using laser jet printing onto materials such as recycled bank note paper, various GF Smith paper weights alongside accents of gold throughout.

I aimed to create a single run publication that challenged not only my own thinking towards throwaway culture, but that of the viewers too, and how this has to begin to change within our current climate.

Infographics, Layout, Print Design,
210 x 297 mm publication,
Laser Printed onto Recycled Bank Note paper,
GF Smith Candy Pink & Bright Red 200gsm,
Various dimension inserts & A3 pullout,

Abbie Lilley 2021 ©