Abbie Lilley is a designer who has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and is currently based in London. Read more about her practice here.
Abbie Lilley is a designer and curious thinker who is currently based in London. Read more about her practice here.

You Were Here

Editorial Design, Bookbinding

Personal project


You Were Here is a responsive, critical publication. Through generating a volume of observations, formed in different locations and responding to human behaviours — I found myself infatuated with how we interact with art.

I challenged how this experience could be translated into the static printed page, transforming the often mundane ephemera associated with exhibitions.

This ‘alternate’ artist’s book was based upon the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate Modern. I explored how an artist’s book could be responsive in nature to not only the work on display but how we behave in a gallery space. Each spread is different from the next, with the grid system and page framing remaining consistent throughout.

The book uses design tools such as typography, colour application, and even illustration to reflect the playful nature of the work, resulting in an experimental approach to exhibiting artist’s books.

Layout & Print Design,
Exhibition Design,
B5 Sewn Board Bound Book,
208 Pages,

You Were Here from Abbie Louise Lilley on Vimeo.

Abbie Lilley 2021 ©

Abbie Lilley 2021 ©